Effectively Navigating

Life’s Challenging Transitions

We offer high quality debriefing, equipping and training.



We offer high quality personalized debriefing of Kingdom Workers

Revive – our debriefing program

For Missionaries, Pastors & Home Front Personnel:

  • who simply need rest, readjustment, and re-calibration
  • who are over committed and overstretched
  • who don’t know how to slow down when their ministry world says to speed up
  • on a sabbatical
  • on an extended leave assignment
  • engaged in a significant ministry role change
  • who are unsure of what to do next and feel confused, discouraged, and restless, or
  • repatriating to the USA/ assigned to another church


Pre-Field Training

We offer high quality experiential training of Missionaries

Thrive – our pre-field training program

Equips Missionary candidates through experiential training to:

  • effectively exit their home culture and enter their new host culture with resiliency and vitality

  • live, communicate and serve cross-culturally

  • grow in self-awareness and the awareness of others

  • productively manage themselves when their values are challenged

  • build effective bridges of communication to those they live with and work among


Next Steps

We offer high quality personal guidance through change for Followers of Jesus

Next-Steps – our facilitated process making sense of life’s difficult changes

For those Believers who are either at a life cross-roads or transition in their life journey, and…

  • are unsure of what to do next and feel confused, frustrated, discouraged, and restless

  • want to stop drifting through life

  • long to gain vocational clarity and direction

  • feel overextended in many areas of their lives and are seeking a more balanced life

  • feel insecure and doubt their uniqueness

  • desire to discover their God-given special design

  • sense they are poised to make a big change but want confirmation

  • need help further clarifying God’s specific Kingdom purpose for their lives

  • desire to pursue not a career, but a calling

  • are energized and ready to focus on finishing life well

  • struggle to understand and accept how God has made them to be

  • question whether God’s desires align with their dreams

  • lack confidence to accept their specific Kingdom assignment

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