• Be rooted

Point those we serve to the word of God, the foundation and pattern for living life

  • Be a model

Trust God and His plan even when it is difficult, this helps those we serve keep things in perspective

  • Be responsible

Manage what needs to be done with diligence and excellence, being someone those we serve can count on

  • Be caring

Allow the struggles and needs of those we serve to touch our hearts and move us to tender responses

  • Be authentic

Appropriately express our true selves and respectfully offer our gifts, ideas, and beliefs to those we serve

  • Be an empathetic listener

Hear more than words and discover the meaning of what those we serve are really saying

  • Be trusting

Open our hearts to let those we serve in without erecting barriers, especially when we encounter difference

  • Be respectful

Allow those we serve to make personal choices and decisions without attempting to control them

  • Be humble

Acknowledge we don’t have all the answers and are not always right; we will not be afraid to ask those we serve for help

  • Be courageous

Take risks and overcome challenges, stand fast with those we serve depending on the Holy Spirit in the face of difficulties

  • Be creative and innovative

Stay relevant to those we serve by formulating new ideas and ministry approaches, and trying new ways of doing things

  • Be ethical

With gentleness do what is consistent and right, no matter what the cost