• All people have great worth

We have value and dignity because we are created in the image of God. Likewise, those we serve have great worth.

  • Christ redefines every aspect of our lives

Our sin, weaknesses and failures do not define who we are. Rather, our identity is a perfect identity based solely on faith in Christ, an identity that defines every aspect of our lives. Because of this good news, we no longer have to hide from our sin and imagine we have it all together. God knows and loves us as we are, not as we pretend to be. This same Gospel is true for those we serve.

  • The Holy Spirit powerfully transforms and empowers us for relationship and service

We have an inability to change ourselves, yet our Father has invited us to confidently face our fears and pretenses about life, and the worst things about ourselves. His desire is that we place our trust in the power of the Holy Spirit to convict us and lead us to Christ, transforming us into Christ’s likeness and empowering us for service. Building upon this premise, we guide those we serve, to trust the Holy Spirit to grow them into their calling, gifting and unique God-given potential.

  • We strive to understand and fulfill God’s purposes for us in every area of life:

We understand that real meaning and significance comes from understanding and fulfilling God’s purposes for putting us on earth. Our desire is to continue to live the life God created us to live and not be driven by our cultural values. We invest our energy, resources and time in equipping those we serve to thrive with a sense of purpose and meaning especially in the midst of life transitions, challenges and unavoidable losses.